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Did you know:

  • That deltas absorb runoff from floods and storms!
  • Deltas have an important role because it filter the water and reduce the impact of pollution!
  • Delta has an impressive habitat with plants like hibiscus and lilies!

Nile delta is a spectacle just looking at it. From up in the sky you can see that the Nile delta has 240 kilometre until drains in Mediterranean Sea. Also Nile delta is one of the most old one formed and is a special delta in the area, being the only one formed in kilometres.

Nile is well known form being a large area for tourism. People from all over the world are coming each year to see the wonderlands of delta's Nile. Being so large, the Nile delta overs many attractions to see and many cities that are along the length the Nile delta. Cities like Alexandria, Port Said, Tanta and Zagazig can be visited all year for there culture and historical areas.

All the area of the Nile is full of diversity and allows people to use the land for agriculture. For locals is always a danger to work near delta because there are lots of species of animals. You can see large animals like hippopotamuses and crocodiles that are protected very well their area.

The fish is also a source of food for people around the deltas. Locals can stay day and night on the river for some fish. So live there isn't so pink.

Also you can find wood trees like palm trees and sycamores that grow along the river and white reeds and papyrus that grow along the river delta.

Most of locals food comes from the rich soil of delta and after the season of inundation, the seeds are planted in the earth. In the next season, that starts from late October until February farmers tender their fields. The most cultivated crops are with barely for beer, cotton for clothing, melons and figs.