Travel To Mississippi Delta

Mississippi is on the fourth place in the rankings of most longer and larger rivers in the world. The length of the river is 3778 km and rises out of Lake Itasca. Since ancient times, its waters were a resource, being the territory of hunting, fishing or farming.

Because the land is fertile, the vegetation surrounding the Mississippi is an overwhelming diversity. Lots of green plants, trees and shrubs along the river. The vegetation has resulted in a fauna as that a multitude of aquatic animals or land and populate the Mississippi River. Fish , dozens of species of frogs, eagles, bears, leopards and gives region a special charm.

The Mississippi River is already a destination for many people. If you get in the region of the Mississippi don't miss the opportunity to navigate on those quiet waters. This adventure will turn into an unforgettable memory.

A good portion of a map of the State is occupied by giant delta of the Mississippi river, near is being cultivated sugar cane and in salty waters the principal activity performed is fishing for shrimp. Also the climate allows the cultivation of cotton, rice, soybeans or sweet potatoes.

Tourism is developing into a very alert, the Mississippi River attracts many amateurs of hiking. The region is unique in the U.S. through the fascinating mixture of French and English cultures. In the district can be seen Cajun lifestyle, represented by local jazz and Creole Carnival "Mardi Gras". A native of New Orleans is jazz, the first of this musical style. Specify which is the kitchen is characterized by a combination of spicy recipes originating in France, the Caribbean and the Americas.

Once you are in the area, when you need, ask the locals for information. Familiar with this and are very friendly. It is not recommended to walk on the streets of down town New Orleans District. Like any other metropolis and New Orleans registers a infraction activity. We recommend that you go on foots in New Orleans. The structure of this city is fairly compact, and tourist attractions are located at relatively small distances from one another.


In the Mississippi Valley region produces most of the smallest tornadoes, but also the most violent. In such a tornado wind speed surpasses all values found in other types of tornadoes can be reached even at 800 km per hour.

Here are some places worth visiting in the Mississippi Delta.

Highway 61 Blues Museum is a amazing museum filled with photos, art, instruments, and artefacts documenting the blues.

McCarty Pottery one of the most exquisite residential gardens, you ll want to set aside a decent amount of time for a walk through the gardens, shopping, and lunch.

Delta Meat Market It a new-old-fashioned butcher shop and speciality grocery store that also serves up plate lunches on weekdays, plus Friday dinner. Everything you eat there, from the biscuits and cornbread to the mixed greens salad.

Mississippi Medicaid director resigns

Mississippi Division of Medicaid Director David Dzielak has resigned, multiple sources confirmed Friday night.