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Did you know:

  • That deltas absorb runoff from floods and storms!
  • Deltas have an important role because it filter the water and reduce the impact of pollution!
  • Delta has an impressive habitat with plants like hibiscus and lilies!

A river delta is another way that nature shows its beauty. Those sections of one river, that look exactly like a fingers from a hand, have a special look and will provide you with amazing memories for a lifetime. Those places must be seen when you get the change because their shape can be unpredictable due to the sediments witch deltas are formed.

Most river delta covers more squares miles can can be found when a river meets on its course another river, lake or ocean. That's when the river makes its road to the ocean or lake. The course of water can easy be change so you need to visit delta's river when you get the change and then you can say that your imagine of delta is unique and memorable.

The ecosystem around the delta river is incredibly diverse. There you can find herb like worts, which is used in traditional medicines.

Usually delta has an amount accumulation of silt, that fertilises the area. So, it becomes a great place for human to agriculture and to work the land.

As you can see, they seem to have no role, but a visual, but in reality deltas are such great places for animals to habitat and for humans in agriculture.